Finest Escort Service

Hello Gentlemen!!

Welcome to our etiquette area.

We really want your encounter to be joyful and exciting, so here are some excellent suggestions to make your date possible, and with comfort.

Gentlemen, during your first and all encounters with one of our ladies, you should be clean, presentable, and breathe smelling minty fresh. If you meet with her and you are not clean and hygienic, nine times out of ten, she will ask you to take a shower, if you decline; she will turn around and walk the other direction, or ask you to leave. To avoid this: smell good, look good, and feel good!

For you to enjoy the full benefit of our services, you need to know the language of how we operate, and how we discuss our services in the correct manner. Although there are those who are experts at discussing rates and arrangements, this is for those who are novice and do not understand or have not been exposed to an agency, agent, Independent or its inner workings. Gentlemen, if you want to have a good time with this agency, it would be advantageous for you to follow these simple instructions, not to be excessively inconvenienced, and enjoy your time with our gorgeous companions.

Please avoid these mistakes at all cost, if you do not, everybody loses out. Work with us in this way, and you will have some very sexy friends to play with, in the future.

Gentlemen, a definite thing to avoid when dealing with an agency or independent: Do not ever send email or cellular-text regarding lewd or inappropriate wants or wishes. This will definitely cause you to be ignored, and may indefinitely block you from services depending on the severity of the communication, or offense.

Gentlemen, when you first inquire about our ladies, please be sure to relay the required information as requested from us, to start such as:

Your name

Where you’re located, city,state, home, hotel, etc.

Who you may have selected online from our models, the duration of how long you would like to see her.

What time may be appropriate to book an appointment.

Please don't say soon, or sometime in the morning, afternoon, or evening timeish. When we ask what time we mean ie. 1pm, 2:30pm, 8pm.

Are you associated or employed with any authorities? (X authorities, are an exception, and will be considered for service.)

If you do not have any reliable references (info of agencies or independents you have used or seen within the last 6 (six) months) anywhere in the U.S., not affiliated with any verifying companies (TER, P411, RS2K, TNA, etc), we are going to require, proof of employment, bank and/or government identification such as a copy of your driver’s license or any other proof of identity to substantiate I’m being sent to. Gentlemen, safety is our first and foremost priority and your discrete privacy and confidentiality is priority to us as well. Your information will not be openly shared with any other provider, agency or company or divulged in any way without your knowledge, or prior written consent. We pride ourselves on stealth and ultra-discrete privacy dealing with any client including but not limited to VIPs.

The word “escort” does not imply the act of sex. There is a noticeable confusion in between the word escort and prostitute. Without a doubt there is a huge difference in between the two, but you must know the difference and it is very simple language to understand. Escorts sell their time and expertise as an entertainer. It is a service provided to a client for fun and enjoyment. This is an act in between two consenting adults with similar interest and likeness for entertainment. This does not imply that the escort will definitely have sex with the client for money paid for their festivities.

Gentlemen, the escort agency or the entertainer themselves do not and will not discuss the act of sex with you over the phone, text, email, or in person at all in any form or manner. Not only is it enforced, but it is indecently appropriate. Think of it as if you were sitting with someone on a real date, would you ask them right away if they wanted to have sex? Most people would think that would be a little too forward or crass and may cause the companion to feel very uncomfortable in the genesis of the relationship. Once again to repeat, escorts sell their professional time as an entertainer. Please keep these types of discussions light and fun, you will find that your time with a professional entertainer will be much more enjoyable.

Some (if not all) of our ladies do have reviews of their past encounters, if you can not find them, please ask where they are.

Gentlemen, you must never associate sexual acts with donations schedules and rates. Once again escorts are not considered prostitutes. However, there are official agencies and authorities who associate donation schedules and rating systems with the act of prostitution. This is far from the actual truth however, it does not prevent these agencies or departments from using enforcement that may cause inconveniences to the entertainer or the client. If anybody ever discusses these things openly with you without caution or hesitation, nine times out of 10 they are agencies and authorities there to detain you for the act of solicitation even though you may have not done anything wrong. It is business and the system allows them to do, as they see fit for their benefit. If ever approached outside in public by enforcement tell them you are with a paid entertainer for the day/evening, which is the truth, and nothing else. Always be sure to tell them to talk to us by phone if they think they have a reason. If you are doing anything else with the entertainer and you are detained in the act, we wish we could, but there is nothing we can do for you or the contracted entertainer.

Unfortunately, all rates are non-refundable and non-negotiable. Donations and selection of our companions is located on the “Our Beauties” tab at the top of this webpage.

If you are looking for a half hour appointment, unfortunately you have come to the wrong place. If you are requesting extended appointments, please mention that when you are looking to make an appointment. Depending on what you are looking for, we maybe able to work with you. We may run specials from time to time. These benefits only apply to LM’s (VIP’s) and regulars who have had a certain amount of appointments and no cancelations/no shows. To find out how to become a LM please click here.

“Payments are accepted in CASH only”

Please have all currencies converted to U.S. Dollars before pre-transfer to the agency or direct payment to the companion.

For added convenience payment may be made by other methods in U.S.Dollars. You must have at least 2 appointments with us, so please text or email for details. We use CASH only for ultra-discreet billing!

Other currency, on arrival will automatically cancel your appointment. This may be an inconvenience to you. If you rebook the appointment you must have U.S.Dollars on hand.

Again gentlemen, during your first and all encounters with one of our ladies, you should be clean, presentable, and breathe smelling minty fresh. If you meet with her and you are not clean and hygienic, nine times out of ten, she will ask you to take a shower, if you decline; she will turn around and walk the other direction, or ask you to leave. To avoid this: smell good, look good, and feel good!

Gentlemen, when you meet one of our ladies face-to-face for the first time, please be courteous and leave the arranged donation on the end of the dresser, coffee-table or anything that is in plain sight when she comes in contact with you. Always pay the agreed donation up front.

Gentlemen, if requested, please have your ID available for her to inspect against the copy you sent to the agency. This is necessary to assure you are who you say you are. In the event you are residing at a Hotel facility, please understand that we may call the front desk, to check that you are a registered guest and that the room number you provided is correct, before she arrives. Gentlemen, if she meets with you in your room at a hotel, do not be alarmed if she immediately goes to the additional guest room, bathroom, or adjoining rooms. Do not be alarmed if she proceeds to lock windows or doors, or even picks up and listen to the hotel phone. This is common procedure for her protection and yours.

Thank you for taking the time to read this important info!!