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Becoming a VIP member of our site/agency is easy. Only VIP (CURRENT LOYAL CLIENTS) clients will be able to access this part of the site. YOU CAN NOT JUST BE VERIFIED TO GAIN ACCESS!!!

Members who desire to become a Loyalty Member, have made a continuous effort of dealing with our agency throughout time to ensure that their reputation and trust, will have full access to the site and get benefits of the agency through time.

You ask how easy it is to gain loyalty status and enjoy all of the elevated perks associated with your new standing as a Loyalty Member. You will love every moment of it as soon as you reach that level with us!

How to become a VIP Member/Client

Becoming member status is achieved through qualifying for application. Here’s how it works:
1. Pass our Screening process by being verified by employment, or having active accounts on P411, DateCheck or RS2K etc. Complete a positive and successful date with one of our ladies; Start the process of becoming a loyalty member of our site/agency.

2. Your appointment(s) with one or two of our ladies, and she provides positive feedback to the agency appt by vouching for your qualification for Loyalty status – good hygiene, respectful attitude, very discreet, gentle manliness, timeliness, etc.

3. Spread the word about the agency (contact us about the number of friends that need to use us to qualify).

4. After a certain amount of consecutive successful appointments you will receive Loyalty VIP status. What you get as a VIP Loyalty Member

What don’t you get is more the question!

- Your username/info will be upgraded to VIP Loyalty Status with discretion protection good toward all future bookings without having to pass the screening process again;

- Discounts on every certain amount of appointments Program (contact us for that number after you reach that status);

- Gain access to uncensored photos and videos of ladies, the bevies who will dazzle you with their unveiled beauty;

How to lose your Loyalty status

Yes, yes, yes, You must maintain your Loyalty status. We are confident that our ladies, beautiful, fun, sexy, smart, and have their own exotic thing about them. Not every experience is a good one. Not every personality matches well with the other. However, this does not preclude you from minding your p’s and q’s or otherwise misbehaving. A gentleman does not find a reason to act out of line and that’s what you have to be to maintain your VIP Loyalty status, a gentleman. You don’t want your date informing the main staff that you were rude, dirty, inconsiderate, ill-kept, Inebriated, or abusive. If you have any questions of becoming and VIP Loyalty Member please feel contact us anytime.